Patch for vboxtool released: vbox_user is unused July 14th, 2009 ein Kommentar

On thursday I submitted a patch for the project vboxtool. I made a short announce in my personal blog.

vboxtool is a command line tool written in Bash, which allows you to administrate the virtual machines of VirtualBox.

One feature of vboxtool is that you are able to define a user in /etc/vboxtool/vboxtool.conf. Under this account the virtual machines  should be started.

In theory it could exist a user vbox-vms who has all configurations of the virtual machines in his home directory ~/.VirtualBox.

If you run vboxtool autostart as root or any other user who is not vbox-vms, the defined user account in the configuration file is not used. Instead of that the account of the current user is used.

This circumstances are highly unpracticable because

  • vbox_user is not used
  • and the virtual machines will not be started on startup of the system.

I fixed this bug in the aforementioned patch and now vbox_user is used correctly.

Active Directory Integration 0.9.3 July 9th, 2009 5 Kommentare

ad-integrationAt  jc_513‘s suggestion you can now choose how the display name (users.display_name) is set on user creation or update.You can choose from the following Active Directory attributes: sAMAccountName, displayName, description, SN, CN, givenName and mail. Personally, I think the use of description is complete and utter nonsense but if jc wants to use it…

Active Directory Integration 0.9.1 published June 29th, 2009 2 Kommentare


After some hours of work I decided to publish version 0.9.1 of the WordPress Plugin Active Directory Integration. Changes:

  • NEW: email notification of user and/or admin when a user account is blocked (part of the Brute-Force-Protection)
  • object-orientation redesign
  • code clean up
  • some minor changes

Active Directory Integration 0.9.0 published June 23rd, 2009 5 Kommentare


Today I have finished my work an the WordPress Plugin Active Directory Integration and published it on . The plugin  is based on a work of  Jonathan Marc Bearak and gives you the ability to authenticate and authorize your WordPress users against an Active Diretory. One of the major improvements is security.