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Translators for Active Directory Integration needed June 24th, 2010 keine Kommentare

As the release of the WordPress plugin Active Directory Integration (ADI) now contains all the functionality I had planned for it, I believe it is time for a version 1.0. However, this one should be available in a few more languages than is currently the case (english, german, belarussian). For this, I am looking for talented [...]

AD Integration Roadmap [Updated] June 22nd, 2010 142 Kommentare

Here the plans for further improvements of the Active Directory Integration WordPress plugin: WordPress MU compatibility (planned for 1.0) Rudimentary implemented since but WordPress 3.0 MultiSite is supported. WordPress 3.0 compatibility tool for testing DONE 0.9.9-dev object-orientation redesign DONE 0.9.1 code clean up DONE 0.9.1 email notification of user and/or admin when a user account is [...]

WordPress 3.0 compatibility 3 Kommentare

AD Integration is in principle compatible to WordPress 3.0. However  there is a little problem with the changes made to wp_insert_user() in wp-includes/registration.php. Now WordPress prevents from creating users with email addresses that are in use by other users already in the database. The current development version contains a workaround, so Automatic User Creation works as before. [...]

Active Directory Integration 0.9.0 published June 23rd, 2009 5 Kommentare

Today I have finished my work an the WordPress Plugin Active Directory Integration and published it on . The plugin  is based on a work of  Jonathan Marc Bearak and gives you the ability to authenticate and authorize your WordPress users against an Active Diretory. One of the major improvements is security.