Patch for vboxtool released: vbox_user is unused July 14th, 2009

On thursday I submitted a patch for the project vboxtool. I made a short announce in my personal blog.

vboxtool is a command line tool written in Bash, which allows you to administrate the virtual machines of VirtualBox.

One feature of vboxtool is that you are able to define a user in /etc/vboxtool/vboxtool.conf. Under this account the virtual machines  should be started.

In theory it could exist a user vbox-vms who has all configurations of the virtual machines in his home directory ~/.VirtualBox.

If you run vboxtool autostart as root or any other user who is not vbox-vms, the defined user account in the configuration file is not used. Instead of that the account of the current user is used.

This circumstances are highly unpracticable because

  • vbox_user is not used
  • and the virtual machines will not be started on startup of the system.

I fixed this bug in the aforementioned patch and now vbox_user is used correctly.

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[...] Ich habe die Woche einen Patch für vboxtool eingereicht, so dass die richtigen Maschinen gestartet werden, falls der Benutzer, der vboxtool aufruft, nicht identisch ist, mit dem ggw. Benutzer. Mehr Infos dazu gibt es im Firmen-Entwickler-Blog. [...]

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