Active Directory Integration 0.9.0 published June 23rd, 2009


Today I have finished my work an the WordPress Plugin Active Directory Integration and published it on . The plugin  is based on a work of  Jonathan Marc Bearak and gives you the ability to authenticate and authorize your WordPress users against an Active Diretory. One of the major improvements is security.

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[...] zu guter letzt noch eine Werbung in eigener Sache: Christoph hat heute das Active Directory Plugin für WordPress veröffentlicht. Klasse Sache und funktioniert [...]

Mindy July 30th, 2010

Hello, I have some questions about how this plug in functions, to make sure it is what I am hoping for. If it is set up properly, does it eliminate the need for people to log in, if they are already logged into our AD? If someone is not logged in, can it restrict them from seeing the website, or would our other plug in that currently does that continue to do that?

Thank you for any help you can provide! :)

cst July 31st, 2010

Hi Mindy!

Single Sign On is not supported (so far). Every user has to logon to WordPress even if he is logged into the domain.
Yes, you can restrict user from seeing the website by use of other plugins like Registered Users Only.

Timothy August 4th, 2010

This plugin works great! Multisite is listed as a feature – should I install it in the mu-plugins folder, or just the normal plugins folder and network activate it?

cst August 5th, 2010

Hi Timothy,
just install it to the normal plugins folder and network activate it.

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