Translators for Active Directory Integration needed June 24th, 2010

As the release of the WordPress plugin Active Directory Integration (ADI) now contains all the functionality I had planned for it, I believe it is time for a version 1.0. However, this one should be available in a few more languages than is currently the case (english, german, belarussian). For this, I am looking for talented people who would be willing to translate the plugin into other languages.

The technical aspect of the translation isn’t hard. The plugin directory contains a file named ad-integration.pot, which is the starting point for any translation. The followng briefly describes the steps required to create a new language file.

  1. Copy the ad-integration.pot file and rename the copy to ad-integration-<language>_<COUNTRY>.po. Replace <language> with the abbreviation for the language, and <COUNTRY> with the abbreviation for the country. For example, the language file for italian would be called ad-integration-it_IT.po. The appropriate language and region codes can be found here.
  2. Download Poedit from here and install it.
  3. Launch Poedit and open the language file you created. (For example, ad-integration-it_IT.po)
  4. The original english text can be seen on the left hand side. Your translations will be on the right. If you click on a line, you can input your translation at the bottom of the program window. Please make sure to keep the %s and %d symbols in your translated text. They are placeholders that are replaced by values from the plugin at runtime. For example, the english text “Error deleting Setting Key `%s`” is translated in german to “Fehler beim Löschen des Schlüssels`%s`”.
  5. In order to save your translations, simply click “File -> Save”. This will automatically create a .mo file (i.e. This file contains the translated text in a binary form that is ultimately used in WordPress.
  6. When you are finished translating, send me the translation file (po) at

All translators will be mentioned in the readme.txt (and therefore also on by name and, on request, also with an eMail address and homepage.

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