Active Directory Integration released January 29th, 2010

I have released Active Directory Integration today. kingkong954 reported a bug with the manual user creation. If the option “Enable local password changes” is unchecked, the passwords fields on user creation are not visible, so no passwords can be entered. Therefore a random has to be set in this case, so WordPress will not complain about missing it. The update to is recommended.

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Ariel Rauch April 26th, 2010

I am using the plugin AD-Integration ( and I have no problems to authenticate against the AD. Unfortunately, when I try to define role equivalent groups the plugin does not manage to authorize the user. It seems that it does not find the groups although I located them under the base dn I defined. Any ideas?

Patrick November 1st, 2010


ich habe das Plugin gerade installiert, bekomme es aber nicht zum laufen:

AD Integration Logon Test
openLDAP not installed

Wie installiere ich den LDAP support unter Debian Lenny?

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