AD Integration on Twitter March 28th, 2011 7 Kommentare

If you want keep informed about the progress on ADI you can follow me on Twitter now: Folge ADIntegration auf Twitter

ADi: 1.0 Released / Upcoming Multisite Support / Sync Back & Bulk Import March 25th, 2011 9 Kommentare

On 23th of March I release version 1.0 which includes a lot of fixes and some new functionality. Among others you can now read any possible attribute from Active Directory and show their values on the user profile page. But there is still much to do.

Multisite Support

Mulitsite support is the most frequently requested feature and I will look very, very soon about. If you have special request you can drop a feature request on the official ADi Bugtracker

Sync Back & Bulk Import

Right now I am working on two new features: Sync Back and User Bulk Import. Sync Back gives you the ability to change attributes read from Active Directory and write them back. So users can change informations like their phone number on their own.

The Bulk Import let’s you import members of a security group (for example by use of a cron job) and create them in WordPress.

I hope the finish the work on these two features within the next days and release them in version 1.1. Then I start work on the multi-site support immediatly.

Stay tuned.

Bug tracker for ADI February 21st, 2011 keine Kommentare

At you’ll find a bug tracker (Mantis) for Active Directory Integration (ADI). You can report bugs anonymously but it’s recommended to create an account. Creating an account is easy, quick and you’ll get feedback by mail on state changes of your reports.

New Release Candidate 1.0-RC2 February 12th, 2011 keine Kommentare

I have committed a new development version 1.0-RC2, which includes a fix for the recursive_groups bug. When a security group is a member of another security and vice versa, adLDAP got stuck in an infinite loop. I fixed this bug in adLDAP.php. I have also added some more debug informations in the Test Tool. You have to set WP_DEBUG to true in wp-config.php to get these informations:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

Please give it a try and send feedback.

PS: The first commit included a stupid bug, which I have fixed today at 8:27 pm.

Translators for Active Directory Integration needed June 24th, 2010 keine Kommentare

As the release of the WordPress plugin Active Directory Integration (ADI) now contains all the functionality I had planned for it, I believe it is time for a version 1.0. However, this one should be available in a few more languages than is currently the case (english, german, belarussian). For this, I am looking for talented people who would be willing to translate the plugin into other languages.

The technical aspect of the translation isn’t hard. The plugin directory contains a file named ad-integration.pot, which is the starting point for any translation. The followng briefly describes the steps required to create a new language file.

  1. Copy the ad-integration.pot file and rename the copy to ad-integration-<language>_<COUNTRY>.po. Replace <language> with the abbreviation for the language, and <COUNTRY> with the abbreviation for the country. For example, the language file for italian would be called ad-integration-it_IT.po. The appropriate language and region codes can be found here.
  2. Download Poedit from here and install it.
  3. Launch Poedit and open the language file you created. (For example, ad-integration-it_IT.po)
  4. The original english text can be seen on the left hand side. Your translations will be on the right. If you click on a line, you can input your translation at the bottom of the program window. Please make sure to keep the %s and %d symbols in your translated text. They are placeholders that are replaced by values from the plugin at runtime. For example, the english text “Error deleting Setting Key `%s`” is translated in german to “Fehler beim Löschen des Schlüssels`%s`”.
  5. In order to save your translations, simply click “File -> Save”. This will automatically create a .mo file (i.e. This file contains the translated text in a binary form that is ultimately used in WordPress.
  6. When you are finished translating, send me the translation file (po) at

All translators will be mentioned in the readme.txt (and therefore also on by name and, on request, also with an eMail address and homepage.

AD Integration Roadmap [Updated] June 22nd, 2010 142 Kommentare

ad-integrationHere the plans for further improvements of the Active Directory Integration WordPress plugin:

  • WordPress MU compatibility (planned for 1.0) Rudimentary implemented since but WordPress 3.0 MultiSite is supported.
  • WordPress 3.0 compatibility
  • tool for testing DONE 0.9.9-dev
  • object-orientation redesign DONE 0.9.1
  • code clean up DONE 0.9.1
  • email notification of user and/or admin when a user account is blocked DONE 0.9.1
  • drop table on uninstall or deactivation DONE 0.9.2
  • adding more languages
  • better user interface for role <> group assignment
  • set different ldap ports per server
  • help page DONE 0.9.2.
  • determine WP display name from AD attributes DONE 0.9.3
  • authenticate against multiple domains (perhaps, have to think about)
  • enable/disable password changes for local (non AD) WP users DONE 0.9.8
  • multiple authorization groups (as requested by Lori Dabbs) DONE 0.9.8

to be continued…

WordPress 3.0 compatibility 3 Kommentare

AD Integration is in principle compatible to WordPress 3.0. However  there is a little problem with the changes made to wp_insert_user() in wp-includes/registration.php. Now WordPress prevents from creating users with email addresses that are in use by other users already in the database.

The current development version contains a workaround, so Automatic User Creation works as before. A new option will be introduced with the release. Then you can decide how the behavior should be, when duplicate email addresses are found:

  1. The User will not be created (default, secure).
  2. The User will be created and you’ll have 2 or more users with the same email address (unsecure).
  3. The User gets a new, partially random email address (partially unsecure).

The new version will be released soon. Use the development version until then.

Active Directory Integration released January 29th, 2010 2 Kommentare

I have released Active Directory Integration today. kingkong954 reported a bug with the manual user creation. If the option “Enable local password changes” is unchecked, the passwords fields on user creation are not visible, so no passwords can be entered. Therefore a random has to be set in this case, so WordPress will not complain about missing it. The update to is recommended.

Active Directory Integration 0.9.8 released October 26th, 2009 3 Kommentare

I released 0.9.8 today. Here are the changes:

  • NEW: Deactivate Plugin if LDAP support is not installed.
  • NEW: New Option “Allow users to change their local WordPress password.”
  • NEW: Multiple authorization groups (as requested by Lori Dabbs).
  • FIX: Added missing CSS file (Thanks to ajay and BagNin for the bug report).
  • FIX: Users e-mail address was never updated (Thanks to Marc Cappelletti for the bug report).

Security vulnerability in ADI 0.9.6 – new version released August 24th, 2009 keine Kommentare

There is a security vulnerability in the WordPress-Plugin Active Directory Integration. If set “Use TLS” to on as recommended, the communication between the blog server and the Active Directory was still unencrypted.  This is fixed in version 0.9.7.

Thanks to Jim Carrier for the bug report.

Download 0.9.7 or use the automatic update.